Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#britlitfunnies Greg Heffley? Meet Tom Gates

Candlewick sent me a copy or I might have missed it as ... dare I say this out loud ... I haven't been a fan of Greg Heffley since book 3. Liked book one when it was online. Even had a great online book club with some decent forum conversations. Since then? I get tired of being asked where it is 70 times a day. "Checked out. Look at all the other funny books!" (And they are--I've never hidden them away, even when tempted!)

So thank you, Candlewick and author Liz Pinchon, for adding some variety to the humor book rotation!

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I am still waiting on kiddo feedback (I should have just given the book to a student straight off but I sent it to library processing first) but I think this is going to be a winner. Things like wanting to see your favorite band, or siblings tormenting each other, or parents doing things their kids don't approve of, well ... that crosses the pond both ways, does it not? There is a short glossary in the back for a few terms (ie biscuit and jumper) but with the doodles most of the meaning can be gleaned from context.

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