Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finally ... Frursday April 23

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! We are a funny city. I'm going to embed this board and hope nothing odd shows up ... you just have to see it to believe it. Remember to click through if embedded things don't show up.
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Tomorrow is for the Battle of the Flowers. Yes. Ladies threw flowers at each other. To honor the heroes of the Alamo. It just sounds so funny to say. I was hoping to find a funny someecard someone had made but alas. And I am not funny on purpose. Only by accident.
I am not a parade go-er, however. So no personal experience. #avoidcrowdsatallcosts
So. In our Friday Focus today we got reminders about applying to present at both TLA or TCEA. I am torn. I haven't been to TLA in forever and it's in Houston ... and I have a sister that lives in Katy. So that would help with the cost. But ... I don't know. I love the tech. But I miss the authors! Is it bad to think about both? Of course if I'm not presenting maybe they wouldn't let me go. And do I want to present at both? Stress.
I WANT THIS SO MUCH! ALREADY! I wonder how much it will cost. I don't have one at school yet because all things budgetary have gotten 300% harder this year and that is not exaggerating. But I might try next year. Maybe.

Yes. This is true.

Also yes. #5 is true. Don't have one. :/ Also I used to pay a fair amount of money for red highlights. That was a lot of upkeep. Now I pay {somewhat} less to cover less savory colors growing out of my scalp. More than my MOM. Thanks Dad's genes.

This quote was from a religious conference but let's also point out ... the thought fits in SO many ways in education and in technology and social media.

And I already shared one yesterday so there is the five. Got a big book order in during testing so that, at least, was fun.

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