Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green Peas

It's too hot for cocoa. What does one do for a sore throat?
No cool lessons to share. It's the week before testing. No one really wants to do much but prep. :/

Anyway. So I was being lazy vegging on the couch. And I made these just cause they made me smile. Loving Creative Clips. #wishIcoulddraw



  1. These are too cute! I love the "these two go together..." saying. How do you plan to use them? I think it would be great to pair a fiction and non fiction together with the cute sign near by on display.

  2. Yes! Depending on what's in at the time ... maybe Me ... Jane and a chimpanzee book. Or Mrs. Harkness and the Panda and a panda book. Or maybe Floors and a cookbook or maze book! Or Babymouse and a cupcake/cookbook. Squish and a science/cell related book.
    Will keep thinking. The display was on my to do list for the later part of the week.

  3. Very cute, Ms. O! Thanks for sharing these!

  4. I wanted to let you know how cute these are....I bundled books together and made a fun display and can you believe it, the kids are not checking them out!? I am wondering if they think it is just for decoration? I keep telling them though that any book they see anywhere in the library can be checked out unless it says REF only....You are very creative and have fun ideas!! I hope you're feeling better!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH. I appreciate comments! And ... goofy kids. Gotta love 'em. Yep. Check out books! Check out (almost) all the books! We will redo displays anytime, right? If it means the books are headed to a good home for a week or two. ;)