Saturday, April 6, 2013

Earth Day

I like to pretend I'm "green." And in terms of recycling I'm pretty good. Reusing ... getting there. Reducing ... eh. That one needs some work. Composting ... ugh. Not going to happen for some time yet.

But this time of year (and hey ... it IS in the standards, taking care of the environment!) our thoughts turn to the planet and how we can take better care of it.

These are some of my favorite books relating to Earth Day and conservation.

Here's a freebie preview page from a packet I just put on TPT. Pic is from Scrappin Doodles and the fonts from Hello Literacy. I saved it as a jpeg so you may have to fiddle a bit to get the printing right ... I think I set it to 8.2 X 10.7? Apologies for being lazy and not uploading to Google Drive. Still on burnt out test brain. WHY is it sitting and watching is so exhausting?

PS If you happen to be anywhere near my hometown ... or want to get ready for cinco de MAYO ... check out the links on my Printables page. There are some freebie library display signs there. ;) And some animal themed bookmarks. Which aren't very green to keep copying but hey, it's steps at a time.

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  1. If I want to learn how to spice up my documents with cute fonts and images this summer is it going to take me ALL summer to learn to do that? :)

    AND-do I just purchase some clipart/fonts/backgrounds/borders from somebody and upload it to my computer and insert it into my documents?

    Not that this has anything to do with your Earth Day post...... :)


    1. Funny you would make this comment in light of a post that will go live later today. I so should have known better. And no ... no one asked me to take anything down. I just realized the little nagging thought behind me was right. As much as I might LOVE particular trilogies or other movie/book series ... it actually wasn't OK for the artists to create images after those characters and I shouldn't have encouraged them by buying the sets. :/

      But anyway. It's not hard at all. For use inside your classroom you can use/do almost anything, as long as it's learning related and not just for "show."

      If it's something you're going to repost on your blog then you do have to take a couple more steps. One ... when you save it the last time you will actually click on "print" but then choose the pdf option that comes up in the left lower corner of the box ... and choose "Save as PDF." Then you add a security option and a password so that people can't easily copy and paste the clip art from your document to theirs. Did you know you can, quite often, copy and paste images from pdfs? I didn't at first. This sounds more difficult than it is. Takes .. maybe 10 seconds. I'll find a link of someone who did a screen shot play by play. Or video.

      Anyway, and two ... you need to make sure that you're "allowed" to share stuff for free or if you were to start a TPT store. The only reason I ever did is because I like to buy clip art. I'm kind of a snob about it ... no lame Microsoft images for me. It's ridiculous. So I figured hey, if I break even in the long run then awesome, right?

      Lots of clip art artists on TPT or Etsy or on their own sites say either free or for small commercial use is fine, as long as you do that "print to pdf, secure the images" thing. With Scrappin Doodles you do have to get a license to share free stuff with her images. She's the only one I know of that asks for that.

      Did that help? Any more questions? Bring 'em on!

  2. Yes, that helped a lot!! Now marching onward...

    1. How in the heck do I make a blog button for my blog? Or who can I pay to do it for me? I'm liking that 2nd question the best. :)

    2. How do SO many teachers create products that are NOT identical to what other teachers have already made since this isn't the beginning of time in education????

    Ready for your knowledge!!


    1. Oh, goodness. I don't know. Technically I don't have one. My blog header was done by my sister-in-law (using the pic of the girl from ... back then you could get just the one). I still love it ... but it's over a year old now. Does one need to change out the blog design more often than that? Sort of semi-considered eventually. But no blog button for me yet.

      I got a fun new avatar that so far I am only using on my personal FB page ... I love it and it was only $5. And it's not in too many places already. So it might be involved.

      And ... new ideas. You know you have them. Or ... at least they'd be new to a lot of people! So wouldn't worry too much about that. It's the tweaks on the old ideas that make every teacher so awesome.

  3. I think some people leave their blog designs alone once they get them set up so you're A-OK! :)

    I went to scrapping doodles and the melonheads site last night-actually until LATE last night-and may try to buy something and play around with it tonight. Since I don't have anything else I need to be doing. HA!

    I REALLY want a blog button so I'm going to put some feelers out for that!


  4. Two very good places. And Digital Bake Shop (on Etsy ... buy two get two free). And Pink Cat Studio (website and TPT). Ashley Hughes (TPT). And MyGrafico ... Zenware Designs and StockberryStudio.

    Dang. My name is Angie/Ms. O and I have a clip art problem.;)

  5. LOL! Is this the beginning of your 12 step program? Admitting you have a problem.... :)