Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I,J,K is for ... & Ramblings

OOH. Hard ones ... so I'm combining to get on to ones with something more interesting. This is all my brain is capable of after day one of test giving. You know how it feels. But hey! Day one down! How many more to go?

Also ... do you have any better ones for I, J, or K? I feel like they are getting the short straw.

iDevices. Likin' 'em more and more. And less and less, if that makes sense. Awesome personal devices. Not so great when it's a shared device. Do believe I mentioned that in the #petpeeve post.

Ink. I use a lot of it since Pinterest and TPT. So many fun printables.

I just went through my Goodreads lists (read and TBR). Only one I author. Rachel Isadora. Don't have much to say ... read one, one on the TBR. The one I have read was not my favorite by a long shot but wasn't terrible by any means. Worth taking a look at to see if it will be your favorite.

Jon Klassen ... he counts for both!
The kids and I totally <3 I Want My Hat Back and This Is Not My Hat. And Extra Yarn. Get 'em. Read 'em. Repeat. I still love my clipboard I made with bear in his red hat on it.

Oh, that reminds me. Lita Judge. Red Hat.

empty Kleenex boxes
I put them behind books (this only works on shelves where most of the books are about the same depth ... so it works awesomely on series shelves, less so on others) on the shelves. That way, when kids are super helpful the shelves still stay looking nice. It's that nitpicky librarian thing again. Books should be at the FRONT of the shelves! At least in the library. At home sometimes they get pushed back because there are knickknacks in front of the books. But I even avoid that when I can! I've been meaning to take a pic of a shelf with the books all nicely lined up at the front of the shelf. But then you'd see that they're not in alpha order like they should be.

Unrelated ...



  1. Oh my gosh, I so love Kleenex box idea! I'm going now and emailing my teachers to save me the empty Kleenex boxes!!!

  2. Sort of off topic, but this year our state tests got moved to May 6th, and we are sooooooo glad. We've actually had the entire year to teach our current grade level standards that they will be tested on. What a novel idea! :)


  3. My new shelves ended up being about three inches too deep, so if we front the books, they fall in behind each other. How many tissue boxes would I need to remedy this? Hmmm. Have to think about this!

    1. Well ... living in a place besotted with allergies like oak and cedar ... and then flu season ... and emailing all the teachers and dealing with them thinking I'm totally crazy ... add a year or two to the mix and we're good! Works like a charm on most of the shelves.