Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Today ... Jane Goodall and Chimpanzee

I boxed up 100 extra wooden shelf dividers that have been sitting on the bottom of carts or in the back of cabinets for 10 years. #teacherscanbepackrats #ofcourseitsalsotheactofcongressneededtoremoveanythingfromschoolproperty

Finished up a new Nook content order. Wish we could have gotten a tablet one for to use the rest of our content money but the timing was off. I'll update the EReaders in the Library post as soon as it's all clear.

We watched some video clips from Chimpanzee/DisneyNature and talked about our observations. Then we read Me ... Jane. That was it with kinders. With first grade we also printed out the handprints from the educator's packet on the Disney site and measured several things around the library. Was going to have them record their findings but we ran out of time. I'm not always the best at math integration so this was a step forward for me. Something I've been meaning to do all year.

Naptime Or Playtime on Disney Video


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  1. I have been reading "Me...Jane" to my students, too! They love it, and I love that it's an easy-to-read biography!
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