Tuesday, April 23, 2013

L is for ...

Testing + a cold/ allergies = no fun. MAYBE picking out kitchen cabinets on Friday (randomly strange city holiday!) = fun. Maybe.

R. L. LaFevers
Have I mentioned how much we like Theodosia around our library? It took some convincing as kiddos don't always gravitate to historical fiction ... still trying to figure out why this hasn't helped them to try other titles ... but at least they love these books! But we held a book club based on her and the word got out.

Her YA series His Fair Assassin is turning out to be fun. I am excited to read the galley of number 2.

Eric Litwin
Egads are the kiddos cuckoo for Pete the Cat and his songs. I don't even like cats or kiddie music ... but this one has grown on me. The kids LOVE him. And myself? I could stand to really internalize "Does Ms. O worry? Goodness no! She keeps walking along and singing her song because It's All Good."
(On a side note ... I understand that the artist James Dean totally has the write to use his creation as he sees fit. But the "other" Pete books not associated with Mr. Eric? Just. Not. As. Catchy.

LIBRARY. The word is LIBRARY. Not media center or learning center or learning commons. We'll just expand and make sure everyone understands that libraries are not dusty places where all the librarian does is shush and stamp books and snark at people. Well. Unless they continually continually continually forget to send their books down in the morning and then stand there with an entire class wanting us to hurry and check in 90 books while answering questions and helping kids to find new titles at the same time. Then we might snark ... a little bit.

Just an extra pin ahead of Friday. Fun, fun, fun. At least they look like it from the outside. Maybe actually working there is strange.
The library at my first middle school (6-7 ... then we moved)? It was a huge cylinder. Open in the middle. Two levels ... with stairs up to the fiction books at the top. I've often wondered what that would have been like for the librarian! Keeping tabs on the kids upstairs (I mean, yes, we were very visible ... IF you had your head kinked up). Also ... shelving? There must have been like a little dumbwaiter.


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