Monday, April 15, 2013


So with the way I like to play with clip art you'd think I never used any other kind of bookmark.

Nope! Do you have a Silhouette cutting system? Or some ingenuity to come up with it on your own? These are by the artist Sarah Bailey. I hope she makes more! I haven't gotten the panda one yet but I might break down. Now debating which one to make first. And which ones to adapt for use with the kids. We made bunnies last week with a couple classes. #andofcourseIdidnotrememberpics #useupjunkmailenvelopes
Click on the pic to go to the Silhouette website (you have to have a Silhouette for these to work).

No What Are You Reading post this week. Hopefully next week. And a catch up on the #shelfchallenge.

And prayers for Boston.



  1. This is so fun! Please come and link this post up to my linky! It is all about a dollar. Anything you love, sell, buy, or find that is only a dollar. This would be a great addition!

  2. Cute bookmarks!! I finally made my first document using clip art and a border. :) it only took me 42 years...