Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fiesta Fun

If you live anywhere near San Antonio a fever is very close to hitting ... FIESTA. For those out of towners ... well, you've got cinco de mayo coming. This is a repeat if you've been around. Here are some signs and bookmarks I posted about a year ago. Made from Scrappin Doodles clip art!


(There are actually several different posters at the link. Just only reposted one here!)

Yesterday was our second "party" (rescheduled from it's usual Thursday before Battle of the Flowers because of standardized testing). Super awesome timing ... Thursday I woke up nigh on deaf in one ear (thank you pollen!). Some eardrops took care of it. But was was I thinking taking care of it so quickly?

Cause by Friday morning it was thank you pollen again and a rotten, rotten headache. And ...
we had TWO HOURS of mariachi concerts in the cafeteria Friday morning. Which is 15 feet away. With no walls on our end and only glass walls on their end. Then lunch. Then the annual shoebox float parade with scratchy feedback PA-played soundtracks. #headwantedtoexplodeItellyou

photo credit: Armando Maynez via photopin cc

On a less whiny note ... I used the time to do some big time shifting and weeding. If you're not a school librarian ... shifting is moving the books up or down the shelf line and weeding is getting rid of the ... shall we call them "much loved" older books. Or the books that maybe should never have happened in the first place. Or now have outdated info.
I should have taken a picture. One, of the GINORMOUS warren of dust bunnies that I disrupted. And then of how much prettier and nicer and better "spaced" the shelves are now. Probably no one else will ever notice or know WHY it's so much easier to find things now. But how much better it looked was what kept me going yesterday. Like I should have done it YEARS ago. I'm sore now. Moving thousands of books is a workout. Such is the life, right? Bunch of work and no one but you notices the results?

Well, I lie. Kids coming back from lunch were asking me what I was doing (I had to put out traffic cones to stop kids from tripping all over me when they weren't watching where they were going--of course they tripped over the cones, too) and I said that I was rearranging some of the books so that they would look better and one little one said "Cause they're so crowded!" YEP. So one noticed.   :)

Today I am at a presentation by Peggy Sharp. LOADS OF BOOKS. If my head didn't hurt it would be most awesome. Since it does it's just awesome.



  1. LOL!! I can picture it now-Invasion of the Dust Bunnies!! A horror movie!!

    Hope your head is feeling better. I have done NOTHING today but surf on the computer. But I guess that makes up for yesterday when I worked on a fence, moved panels, trailers, blah...


    1. Workin' hard or hardly workin', eh. LIVING THE LIFE.
      I should have taken pics. Just to prove to the powers that be what a stupid idea it is to have shelves of books right on a main school thoroughfare. On a slow day 1500 feet walk by these shelves. On a SLOW day. People were rather grossed out.
      But I am such a library nerd. Totally working on automatic cause my head hurt but still coherent enough to be pleased with the results. Excited to go back tomorrow and see things with a head that is properly dosed with Tylenol. And with NO MARIACHIS. ;)
      Have a good one!