Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally Friday Pins March 29

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!


I do enjoy a good hockey game now and then. Don't you? As you can see from beneath his name he plays for Chicago. I'm now tempted to move to Chicago. ;)

I need to do this. Really. Meant to last year but never did. Even have two columns in the library. Just have to come up with the places our kids would know best. I like the different styled signs on this one. Adding to Un-Boring Bookish list right now.

Love the idea of a "Makerspace" in a library ... just don't know how to translate it to OUR space. When the new computers come (HALLELUJAH! ... We've had two functional ones for the past month and a half ... two) we will have significantly less table space. I wonder how the other groups that end up in the library are going to handle that. Two six foot long tables will be used for the new computers and one will be removed (we never should have had as many in our square footage as we did anyway). So that's eighteen less feet ... six chairs at each table plus four on the ends ... so twenty-two fewer chairs as well.

NON-LIBRARY PIN ... but isn't this table awesome? The closer the new place gets to being done the more I might get sidetracked a little bit on here. #saysnowwhenthefoundationhasntevenbeenpouredyet

Next year ... convince one class to do the rain forest. Group project after research is done!



  1. Angie,

    I LOVE the book signs in the library, and if I ever teach science (Lord help me) we WILL do this rain forest project. If it's a standard. :)


    1. Thanks! I have sort of sketched out some ideas ... just still deciding on elementary level places.

      And ... it has to be, right? A standard? I mean, getting all the different layers and the different animals that could live there and why we need to take better care and make sure it's not all cut down?

      Sigh. Testing and standards and essential skills. All decided by people who don't spend much time in a classroom. I wish they believed in us and the kids.

  2. I wish they did, too! :) Maybe I'll write to one of my congress people OR THE ENTIRE LEGISLATURE and invite them into my classroom. Not for 30 minute. Not for 1 day. A week at least!! :)