Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Has Sprung Books

Or, depending on where you live ... maybe not so much. Good luck to you. Reading a spring-ish book might help! :) Here are a mix of some of our new and old favorites. Do you have a title you think should be included?

I'm excited for this one as we LOVED Red Sled. See preview pics here.

Loads of lesson possibilities.

Granted, it's a reader so not much of a "story." BUT I LOVE THE WEBSITE AND THE PICTURES. And so do the kiddos!

I feel like Bear a lot of mornings. Need a Mole with a trumpet.

Do you know this series? If you have a reader who's beyond leveled books but not quite to longer chapter books ... you should. Especially if she's a girl and loves horses ... though I've had boys check them out and love them, too!

 (Fair warning ... the trailer has a kind of annoying song. The photography is awesome, though. ;))

An oldie but a goodie!

Their little tails!

 A piggy that wants to be a bunny. Makes me laugh.

OF COURSE you have read Jan Thomas, right? Right?



  1. PS FINALLY opening my RIF newsletter (it's been sitting in the inbox for a few days) and look! Right on topic!

  2. Oh, I remember Bear from Bear Snores On when I taught kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to read this one.

    Lost in the Woods looks so adorable!

    You're making me miss teaching kindergarten. No, wait-I really don't. :)


    1. Ha. I miss teaching high school ... in some ways. Every age has it's ups and ... not so much ups. ;)

  3. The Perfect Nest is one of my favorite springtime books! I love to read it out loud with the different accents!

    1. Sad admission. I don't really remember that one. See that I've read it on Goodreads ... but anyway. Will have to check it out again!