Friday, March 22, 2013

Finally Friday Pins Mar 22


I have a really sweet pic of a bulletin board a class did for me ... I need to get it off of the iPad. It made me cry they were so sweet. It's been a long week. 94 degrees on Monday morning and the AC hadn't been on all the week before (spring break). Setting up bookfair in ugly heat? #notfun Answering several hundred price questions a day? #alsonotfun Seeing kids get excited about books? #ALWAYSFUN

Would love to print this out and send it home to all parents!

This might be my Oz-related #bookishunboring goal for this year. Because it is adorkable. And actually ... I still need to see the movie. ;)

I like to follow photography blogs more than ever actually get out and take pics. Which you know because I'm terrible at remembering to get pics at school! The prettier more compositionally focused ones ... well, during the school year my attempts to get better and get out and shoot more stagnate. I've been sitting on the couch for an hour just cause I'm so exhausted! #bemoremotivated

Another photo pin today ... super cool urban exploration photos taken on an iPhone.

Click through to see it full size. Interesting. Would love to see the "other" increase with more reading and maybe some writing. Full on mobile is pretty awkward ... but some educational mobile blogging? #priceless

Now. Do I go read a book? Lesson plan for next week? Work out? Take a nap? Or participate in #bloggiesta? I should be at a friend's Pampered Chef party. :/ #justsotiredIseriouslymaynotmove

Could I be more of a whiner tonight? Thanks for reading!



  1. Reading a book would have been my first choice followed closely by taking a nap! :)

    Spring break baby-just started!!


    1. I am sorry to say sleep won out Friday night. But then yesterday I listened to almost the entire BBC/Neil Gaiman Neverwhere show. Just have two episodes to finish today after church.