Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finally Friday Pins March 15 on Sunday

Or, as the case may be ... ALREADY FRIDAY Sunday? WHERE DID SPRING BREAK GO?
Now I have bookfair and state testing to look forward to. SAID NO TEACHER LIBRARIAN EVER.

Shouting done now. Here we go.

So apparently I will need to do something like this to eat properly. Cause this pack as you go thing? Not working out so well.

One of my new favorite iOS photo apps. Not really sure why ... not like one NEEDS to be able to do this. But it sure is fun. ;)

LOVE. $500 love? Remains to be seen.

Cleaning up some boards and found this (well, not THIS one ... found it on my boards and opened the link but now can't find my pin--Dear Pinterest, please make it so that we can search our own boards ... PLEASE?). 100 empty DVD cases ... hmmm ...

Though how long would it be before a helpful child (or adult) brought them back to the circ desk? Or moved them?

Unless I used them for something like this. Then I'd need 100. And more shelf space.



  1. We had neighbors who had a GIANT wire spool in their yard when I was growing up, and it was fascinating, but I don't think I'd love a $500 one! I don't like testing, but it's not any harder than my regular job. I get to sit down, and occasionally read some (if I look up every 15 seconds to scan the room for cheaters...). Recently, though, I've been scribing and reading, which at least includes sitting down! No book fair this spring because of study hall.

  2. We're not allowed to do ANYTHING but "actively monitor." Which is hard when you have small groups and only have between one and five kids (of course walking around a full classroom is no cake walk, either). No reading, no planning, no doodling, no grocery list making. Nothing but stare at kiddos and hope to high heaven you don't accidentally drop off ...
    $500 is crazy. I'm just excited for more space and right now have nothing to fill it with. Very much doubt I'll actually get it. Unless I win the lottery. Which would be hard since I don't play the lottery. ;)