Monday, March 4, 2013

Do you have any books on papayas?

Had a teacher come to me today all excited. "You'll never guess what my kids want to research. Never." "I give," I told her. "What?" "FRUIT!"


Source: via Karen on Pinterest

These are second graders. Most of them cannot independently navigate, read, or comprehend most of World Book Kids. Pebble Go doesn't have anything.

In terms of print resources we have a few books on apples. One Gail Gibbons on berries. And then  plant books and books on healthy eating.

Does ANYONE have an idea of something we could do that would NOT be copying interesting facts out of the few books I did find? SO not interested in that kind of project. But ... I do no think we have the age appropriate resources for like "design a fruit garden where something will be ready to harvest every month" or even "what kind of fruits grow best here in Texas?" She found the hole in our collection.

I hate to say no. But ... I would foresee a lot more success with something like animals or even a place they wanted to visit. Or an important person. Fruit? Yes, we need to give kids some leeway in choosing their topic. But when they choose something like this ...

Help me think this through if you can!



  1. Maybe they can research or come up with different recipes using fruit and then they can put together a class recipe book to share with others? Maybe even have a sample tasting day? Do you have any cookbooks in your collection? Maybe make a list of every state's state fruit? Just the ideas that popped into my head.

  2. Oh ... I do like that. We do have some cookbooks. And of course we have state books. See? I KNEW someone would have a great idea. Was just SO not interested in a fill in the blank type project. Not good for the kids or me. But a cookbook? THAT might be fun. Maybe give each student a state and have them research a bit about the state and then add that to a simple recipe and make a book. HOORAY FOR YOU!