Saturday, March 23, 2013

H is for ...

Seriously. Harry!
Let us just forget epic misfire of Pottermore and concentrate on the books, audiobooks, and movies, shall we?

LOOK AT THIS. I know, I know. I already posted this pic. And OK. So it's not for the library. :[ But  it is TOO COOL! I love it. Click through!

Love this e-reader cover. Shall I purchase an iPad just to get one?

SO CUTE. Comes with a free pattern. Even though his bottom half is kind of strange. No legs. Just a weight so he stands up. If we could have anything with fabric in the library I'd make him. But all fabric was outlawed cause that's what makes kids absent ... allergies from stuffed animals.

TOO COOL. I need to order these. Though ... you know, they don't get read like they used to. At least by our kiddos.

Then also ...
Duck and Goose by Tad Hills! They are so fun. If I was crazy enough to want to do another stop-motion I might very well choose them. So fun and innocent. I actually used the first book in a visit with first graders the week before spring break on "living and non-living." What makes the ball non-living but an egg living? It worked! And I was surprised at how many of them claimed they didn't know Duck and Goose. We've had the books for a long time.

Source: via Angie on Pinterest


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