Friday, August 25, 2017

Finally Friday Aug 25

This is post 99 ... 6 or 7. All of a sudden forgot what I was just looking at not 3 seconds ago. I feel like I should do something more interesting but my word, what rotten timing. Right when school is starting. Scheduling this post ahead of time. Tonight will be Meet the Teacher. I don't actually get to do anything library related. Just stand in the hall and direct people. And greet some old students so at least there is that.

Like many of you I've been privileged to sit through some really stellar and useful training this week.
As we are going to hear so many times IT IS WHAT IT IS.

So fun things ... well, not found on the internet this week because come home too exhausted or migrained out. But I don't think I've shared them before so this is what I will share today. As always, click through because sometimes embeds don't show up in Bloglovin/Feedly and always click through to go to the original source.

Having very recently dealt with a computer lab scheduling Google meltdown (because the revision history was NOT DOING IT'S JOB I KNOW WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO AND IT WAS NOT DOING IT) ... this jumped out at me. Not that it would have helped because gremlins were at work and truly, I think district tie downs were messing with what should have been a very simple thing ... I thought why not keep this around for reference anyway?

I had to read before I understood what the "template" part meant. But in many cases it WOULD be better than just Make a Copy. Tony Vincent, you knocked it out of the park again.

I'm just super excited for the Ferdinand movie. There are lots of these that are fun. Here is one. I cannot EVER do this in real life so I live vicariously. Are you following them on FB?

And that is all for today. I'm exhausted and just learning to deal with no help even part time (spoiled, I know ... but I could do so much more!). Also there is supposed to be a hurricane this weekend. I'm not even on the very coast and everyone is flipping out. So if you are on the coast please be careful! And if you are not but you are close enough that you also have people worried ... think of us. And if you are off in la la somewhere pretty just enjoy. We all have different trials. :P

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