Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BTS Reads and #bookoftheweek in the Library

Have you joined the #classroombookaday group on FB yet? You should! So many great conversations going on there. I love all the bright and shiny and BLANK bulletin boards of classroom teachers that are going to read a book every single day. And of course there is still the hashtag on Twitter.

Can't do it, can we? Not to every single class. But we can read a book a week to many classes (or every grade if you see every class for read alouds every single week ... I don't). So I am going to do maybe a weekly one for PreK/kinder and first. Everyone else gets read alouds every once in a while mixed in with lessons but since they are not as consistent ... no pretty visual. They might get jealous, actually. Stay tuned to the IG feed. It's 98% certain coming.

You probably know about these but here are five BTS reads I'm planning on.

OLDIE. But I still like it. Showing my age that I continue to use it? It's just so good! You can relate behaviors to all of the animals! Maybe I don't need it ... looking at the schedule. But I like it. It's hard to get now, looking at Amazon. At least new.

Because it makes me laugh. And it's true ... Goat judges but then he learns. Get some freebie bookmarks here.

This is a new one. Still working out how to best turn it into a lesson. Shoulda finished that already. It's late August!

Just ordered this one (oh, my Amazon bill this month. It's not pretty. It just takes SOOOOOOOO LONG to get anything at school anymore :/). Their description? "We all know nothing rhymes with orange. But how does that make Orange feel? Well, left out! When a parade of fruit gets together to sing a song about how wonderful they are—and the song happens to rhyme—Orange can't help but feel like it's impossible for him to ever fit in. But when one particularly intuitive Apple notices how Orange is feeling, the entire English language begins to become a bit more inclusive. Beloved author-illustrator Adam Rex has created a hilarious yet poignant parable about feeling left out, celebrating difference, and the irrefutable fact that nothing rhymes with orange."

I love the other HOORAY books so it was a given when I saw one about BOOKS I had to click add to cart, no matter how bad my bill is. :( I'll figure out what to do with it when it comes! "Turtle has looked everywhere for his favorite book, but it's nowhere to be found! Maybe his book was borrowed by Zebra, Owl, Giraffe, Elephant, or Lion. As Turtle searches, his friends offer to share their own favorite stories, but other books just won't do. Or is it time for Turtle to try something different? A tribute to books, reading, and the joy of sharing stories with others from Brian Won, the author/illustrator of Hooray for Hat! and Hooray for Today!."

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