Friday, August 4, 2017

First Friday in August

It came. Whether we wanted it to or not (CONFLICT!!!!!) it came.
I think I've forgotten to mention lately ... if you're in a reader like Bloglovin or Feedly the embedded pins might not show up. So you might need to click through to see them, then click through to go to the creator's source cause they are the ones that made them.

Except for the videos. Just straight up embedding those instead of the pins.

Things I found interesting on the Internet this week ...

So many funny ones. I mean, a-ha is my favorite 80s band of all time. They are actually still around. But at first the Elmo clip was my favorite reading specific snippet. Then the Abby/Journey one grew on me. I want them to do a full length version! But of course Super Grouch is funny. As is (sorry if this is a spoiler) the Rickroll. I actually really liked Rick Astley back in the day. Had his tape. Tapes? Do I have it in digital form? I do not know.

I like this idea. Not quite sure how to do it for school as I find the ordering process really frustrating and I cannot foot the bill for everything. Not that we have the money for everything at school either, but we do have some. But in this case it's all contained in a box so ... portions. Now keeping what ... a class set would be like 10-12? One per every 2 kids? Keeping a class set stocked could get cumbersome. So for now it's just an idea.

She actually did a talk at BYU as well (they do bring in outside speakers sometimes!). They couldn't post that one (re my podcast reference earlier in the week). :( But here's her TED talk which you've probably seen but if not? TOTALLY RECOMMEND! and if you haven't read her book? Either Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking or the one for kids (I really don't know that kids would read it but still ... there are a couple of chapters that talk about school that could be really helpful to teachers) Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts. Seen that "Introverts Unite, At Home, Alone?" I am. But in reality it just needs to be a balance. Sometimes school is just so much people needing overload it's draining, right? But sometimes summer is so much alone time that's a little draining, too. Balance.

I signed up to do this Vlogging challenge (learned about via the Tech with Us community on FB?). There's no way I'll get to every day in August but hey, if I get even 5 done that's a win. And I've already got 2 posted and 1 ready ahead of time. So I think I can do more than 5. They are not good ... the first never are. But maybe they will get better? Dunno, we'll see. Posting them to Instastories and Youtube. If they get anybetter I'll embed them here. I might make video creation my TTESS goal (state educator requirement ... it's a little different for librarians than classroom teachers but you get the idea) this year ... since I already did the Google certifications over the summer. What was I thinking? I should've waited!

I am not a big fan of fall. Back to school is so crazy. Allergies kick back into high gear. There's a looooooong stretch of no school holidays (kids get a couple but teachers still work). It's still hot in TX. So I have to convince myself.

Anyone get something cool at the sale? I got some fun clip art--as if I didn't have enough already. And I got some coding stuff from Brittanny Washburn, a fun little book study on Stick and Stone from Cara's Creative Playground, and an iPad project on Dig Citizenship from Erintegration. Before the sale I'd already tried one PB font set and a digital librarian planner. I was going to say tell us what you got but then if it's awesome I'll spend more money! That could be bad ... 😛


  1. You mention you got your Google certifications. Congrats! Last summer I got Google Educator Level 1 and this year Level 2 (so far...only person in the district!)

    1. Rock on! Only one in your district? Then go for Trainer and change that! I'd maybe go for Trainer but it's hard to get people to come to things. Do people come to things? They are so busy. Sort of why I was thinking of the video. That can be short and on the go. Anyway. Keep on Being Googley!