Saturday, September 2, 2017

Throwback Post ...Library QR Code Sign Ins with an iPad and Google Forms

So it looks a little silly because the iPad is not actually in there. But usually it is. I just don't trust that I'll remember to take another picture next week so why not get this written. This is what kids see when they first walk in. I do have to take the iPad out to charge because there was not a plug that was handy ... but one COULD run a cord down that pole if you had a plug available.
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And these are our library passes! The QR code goes to a Google Form.

Now, do I properly use all of the info that the Google Form could give me? Sharing the data of what grades are coming independently every month in pretty graphs with my admin? No. But in theory I could. And I'm hoping to get better. This is definitely a step up from the spiral notebook we were using before. Which was a bare guess ("23 lines, 13 pages used, how many kids is that?") in a month. And a couple teachers have used the time stamp (I did share the results form with them) to keep an eye on a couple kids who sometimes wandered between the classroom and the library.

How do you set up pre-filled QR codes (the kids only have to fill in why they are in the library (book checkout, finish tech projects, etc ... and their name, of course!) See not prettily formatted but it gets the job done and it is updated to a couple of changes in Forms HERE. (later edit ... link sharing is fixed now. How embarrassing!)

Happy Labor Day weekend. I'm going to take a nap to recover from the silly stress of having to wait in line for 45 minutes to get gas this morning. South TX has gone nuts post Harvey. So lame of me to say stress because Houston has so much more to deal with (keep donating to your preferred places! There are lots of them!) but this weird gas not shortage but supply snafu issue everyone's flipping out thing ... it's just weird. I live too far away from my work to deal with that. Thursday? Lines of cars 70+ long. This morning the line was only like 20 long. But there was one going the other way as well.

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