Thursday, August 10, 2017

Almost Friday Aug 11

And tomorrow I am sitting through the first part of a training on responsive discipline and running morning meeting circles with your class. The class that I don't have in the mornings because I am putting away announcements and makermornings materials and checking in books. The second part is tomorrow. Did I mention this is unpaid/uncomp-ed hours? And we've already sat through probably 8 hours on this last year? I don't mean to sound grabby. I don't ask others to sit through training on things they won't do. I'm already tired of hearing the word austerity and why are teachers expected to do so much volunteer work? SO MUCH? As if we don't pay out of pocket enough just to keep things going.  There's been too much talk in TX of issues with teacher retirement and healthcare (and current personal issues with healthcare and junk diagnoses). Enough of the soapbox. I had a clue of what I was getting into and kids are still cute and mostly fun.

Here are some more interesting things found on the web. Click through if you're in a reader like Bloglovin or Feedly because embeds don't always show up. Weird that way. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. And click all the way through to go to the original source! No more whining.

By now you may have seen it but a new Wonder trailer!

And this is a little independent film that is only showing in UT (I saw a clip about it on a IG feed I follow) but it looks funny. It might end up being stupid but it looks so funny. An author writing super successful YA romance but hates himself for it? I am watching for when it goes to Netflix or iTunes or video.

I used to do Terracycling (chip bags and drink pouches) just outside the library space. It brought in a bit of money and helped the environment. But in order to further help the environment shipments had to get bigger ... and that got hard to keep the stuff sitting around the library until we collected enough in big boxes of what basically seemed like trash. Plus it got time consuming because people didn't always make sure the drink pouches were empty :( so there was cleaning of mess. We had to stop. BUT ... dry markers? That's easy to recycle! No fund raising here but who cares about that part. And no sticky, stinky mess keeping them around until you have enough for a good size shipment!

Here's an old one but a good reminder from Tony Vincent. Printing on Sticky Notes! Click through for the Google Slides templates. And remember there are LOTS more fonts on Google than just the few defaults. Keep them legible for the kiddos, of course. Cutesy isn't always legible. But they don't need to be boring, either.

And speaking of old TV content and Google Slides and printing on sticky notes ...

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