Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday Tech Fave Audiobooks

What are some of your favorites? Cause said commute and all.
Not EVERY book is good on audio. Some topics and plots work better than others. Not to mention narrators (like I was not a huge fan of the Percy Jackson narrator ... was it the same for all of them? I didn't even try past book 1). Here are just a few of specifically audio ones I have enjoyed.

There is lots of scrolling on this post because of long skinny pics. Sorry. Click on the pic to go to Audible to listen to a snippet, at least of the top books I've listened to.

The entire Lockwood & Co series. Book 5 comes out next month and so far there is no pre-ordering the audio, just the book or Kindle version. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG TO POST THE AUDIO?  DO NOT EVEN PROPOSE THE HORRIBLE THOUGHT THAT THEY WON'T HAVE AN AUDIO VERSION. It's slightly spooky but only slightly so. Set in an alternate London. I've recommended it to my stronger upper grade readers before. We don't have it in our elementary library, though.  They have to go find it at the public library ... but they enjoyed it! The later ones especially go into YA territory. Nothing major so I feel OK recommending the series to a few of my kiddos.

 Lockwood and Co link to Audible

Cosmic. I seriously stayed on the treadmill longer than planned just to keep listening. Laughed like a crazy person in the middle of the gym. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but for those of you that share the same sense of humor? HILARIOUS!!!! About a kid who looks older than he is and it gets him in ... shall we say a spot of trouble?

 Cosmic link to Audible

HP goes without saying. Only I should have done the screenshot in two parts because now it's so long and skinny. I am not a new blogger. I should know my images better.

 HP link to Audible

He could read just about anything and I'd listen. Sorry. I digress from proper reviewing.
 BC reads Sherlock link to Audible

Definitely not the best of the best stories but worth a listen.

I also have a couple new Star Wars books downloaded still to listen to.

I know I need to listen to Echo. I've already read it but I heard it was a great audiobook. I got it when they had a recent kids' audiobook sale. $4, I think.

And I downloaded the first Audible X-Files book because MULDER and SCULLY original full cast audio. But I haven't listened to it yet. They already have a book two in the works that I might as well go ahead and preorder. I'm sure there will be time. Remember this? Normal. Not an out of the norm day. Sigh.

I just have a one credit a month subscription to Audible. There's always Overdrive, too. Though our district recently made a change to the login. Trying to be patient until we learn more about it because right now? ACK! DO NOT LIKE! TAKES WAY TOO LONG AND WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH TYPING ON A MOBILE DEVICE (I actually really like the changes on the desktop) TO LOG IN! I've had problems and got sent in login loops every single time I've tried. And that's me, a user who is motivated to log in. Patience. All will be revealed, right? Patience.


  1. I totally agree about certain books are good as audio because of the narrator. My commute is about 30 minutes each way to work, and I go through spells of listening. My normal audio book threshold is 9 hours - although for Harry Potter I have made the exception AND purchased the entire CD collection! I would recommend the Flavia deLuce series by Alan Bradley (adult mystery, but the main character is 11 and I told my HS librarian it would be a good mystery series). I don't normally read mysteries, but for some reason I LOVE a British mystery in audio format. Also along those lines - the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling) is excellent on audio.

    1. AHHHH! You obviously had me at British mystery because Benedict. And HP. And actually Cosmic was written by a Brit and set in Britain, now that I think about it. And I have several other audios that I didn't even mention here set in Britain. But not those so I will for sure be on the lookout. THANKS! Mine on a good day is 40. With the construction it will be more. Bleh.