Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday Tech Fave Podcasts

The COMMUTE will soon start back up. And a big five year construction job 😟 has just started on the main way I get between home and school. There are very limited alternate routes that will also fill up with people trying to avoid the madness. :(

This is an old pic I took once back when I used to go to the gym. I now live about what, eighteen miles further down that road (what was I thinking? Honestly I was thinking I'd change schools but that is another story). It sort of gives you a glimpse of why they had to do something. But five years. And WHILE they do the something. 😒 Did I mention I have a manual transmission car?

So I will probably get even more time for audiobooks and PODCASTS. Thought I'd share some of my faves with you. Some are library or book or education related, some are not. I actually wasn't much of a podcast listener until like maybe November?

Pretend I inserted a fun graphic of someone listening to a podcast here.

Some I listen to every episode ASAP, some I might subscribe but end up deleting episodes before I ever get them listened to because I get behind and I hate seeing them stack up, some I don't actually subscribe to but I've gone in and downloaded specific episodes from their back catalog because at least one has proved super interesting. Not telling you which is which cause everyone needs to decide for themselves. Just like every book has its reader, every podcast has their listeners!

In no particular order and I feel like I'm forgetting some (linked to webpages where you could try episodes out or get show notes and decide about subscribing ... most have the link to iTunes or Stitcher there) ...

Mike Rowe's The Way I Heard It (hilarious and interesting!)

The Google Teacher Tribe (I've fangirled before I think!)

Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers

Books Between

Fangirls Going Rogue (STAR WARS and general all things GEEK ALERT ;))

Star Wars Bookworms  (They don't do junior books and not many YA, which is actually what I read the most of. Big surprise. But it's still interesting to the super fan!)

Levar Burton Reads

All the Wonders

Masterpiece Studio (because I loved Downton and Sherlock and Victoria and what else ...)

Brains On! Science Podcast

House of #EdTech

Publishers Weekly PW KidsCast

TeacherCast Educational Broadcast Network (I'm not sure I got all these links right on the webpage ... but searching for podcasts they are different)

The TeacherCast Podcast

TechEducator Podcast

Song Talks with Richard Marx (there is some language on this one which personally I can do w/o)

The Wildlife Photography Podcast (this one is more interesting if you follow his IG feed as well, and have some interest in photography)

BYU Speeches (This one is quite faith based, though not entirely. I didn't take advantage of all the great speakers when I was there so now I listen to devotionals. Makes all the sense in the world, right? But they are not all devotionals. Some of them are just interesting sort of like TED talks? But the majority faith based.)

I wonder if later I will wish I had done this on like a Listly or something. Anyway. Later!

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