Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tech Camp Day 1

My two presentations are over! Whew! One was based on the same ideas as my guest post over on FreeTech4Teachers last week ... "iRead a Book, Now What?" I think people liked that one. Then the other was basically the same thing as the Image Editing page on my blog. Not sure too many people got excited about it. Oh well. Can't win them all.

Then I went to a GAFE class. Nothing new to me there but for the uninitiated they were super impressed!

And then came the Minecraft EDU class. I have read a lot about educational uses ... building habitats for animals or building settings for books they have read. I was super excited. Then come to find out: 1) it doesn't work on VDIs (virtual desktops ... no real CPU of their own, run entirely off a giant high school level server), 2) it doesn't work on Chromebooks or iPads, and 3) I get just as turned around in Minecraft as I do in real life #nosenseofdirectionatall. So bravo for the secondary tech teachers that have a non-VDI lab to run it on ... not going to happen at the elementary level. :/

Since you already know I am a geek, Internet ... and not a ridiculous geek who can spend this much on t-shirts ... thoughts? Maybe ... top 3? And count it as Back to School shopping since I want to do a Star Wars "theme" next year? Dear Clinton and Stacy ... I'm sorry. I really am.

favorite t-shirt designs

favorite t-shirt designs part 2

Oh, and recap of SMART conference ... really it does some cool stuff. I could use it more. I guess I get a lot of it done in other ways. The kicker is I only have the software on my school laptop and who has time to do any prep at school? And since I hate my school laptop (the track pad is POSSESSED!) I don't like to take it home. At home I use my iMac or Chromebook.

Don't forget to share about the Surface Pro case giveaway. It will close Thursday night!


  1. Shameful confession: I have never watched the first SW movies past the cantina scene! Not a fan. I was the Anne of Green Gables geek, which would explain my Luddite tendencies. I love reading logs where teachers embrace technology, but I may never be a convert. Sigh.

    1. I love them both! Which is why this pic disturbed me so. (Crosses fingers html code works for link ... )

    2. PS One day I shall visit PEI. Already been to the castle in Spain that doubled as Naboo for one of the SW. Not really interested in visiting Tunisia so that location is out of the question. But ever since Grace Lin posted on her blog (we're talking several years ago ... I just remember because she visited our school once and was so nice) about a visit she made I've wanted to go! Really before that but her post made it more real. Maybe when my sis's kids are older and can fend better for themselves we'll go.

  2. LOVE the big hero 6 t-shirt. I would totally wear that.