Thursday, June 18, 2015

TBT Google Chrome

This post is a mix of an earlier post and a couple new additions.
Google Chrome for Teacher Librarians

Don't own the Chrome logo, just using it for this post. Scrappin Doodles frog doesn't have anything to do with Chrome, either, just thought he was cute. Kimberly Geswein font. ;)

Chrome extension icons

Tab Scissors and/or Tab Glue. Want to have two tabs open at once? Where you can see both and work in both? But annoyed with the resizing and layering of two windows with the two tabs? ENTER TAB SCISSORS (and when you're done? TAB GLUE). Seriously. Awesome. Quite often moving back and forth between tabs trying to see two windows at the same time. Once it's installed the little icons and what they do can be accessed to the right of your URL bar. shortener
This one is handy for creating shortened URLS straight from any page (w/o having to copy&paste anywhere else) as well as a QR code generator! Also find it, once installed, just to the right of your URL bar. Look for the icon!

Google Art Project (just for fun)

This one puts a pretty painting up every time you open a new tab. I've been using it for about 3 months and I've never seen a painting I would feel awkward having show up in front of kiddos. Yes, an icon will show up but you won't have to ever actually USE it. The pretty art will just be there as a backdrop to the new tab.

Can you tell what it does? Not really from this screengrab. Anyway. It adds enlarged text over a webpage. I could see that being useful like at the beginning of a presentation, maybe? It's a pretty new one to me so I'm still figuring it out.

Basically makes the little "tic tac toe" board you see on a Google page available anywhere. Not like typing "Drive" or "Docs" is hard but hey. It's the little things.

And remember ... to install a Chrome extension? From this post you can either click on the two links (in the first one) or on the screen grabs in the others. Out on your own? Click on that "plus" tab at the far right just above your toolbar. Click on the "store" icon (or search for Chrome Webstore) and look for the topic you are interested in. Then click install! If you are logged IN to Chrome at the time the extension will appear on any other computer where you log in to Chrome (which is a bit different from logging in to your gmail, BTW). If not you can still install it without logging in to Chrome ... it will just only install on the one machine.

Spent a lot of time reading the past four days. Fun! Although also I would like to do some other things. :P Even with more regular fitness class attendance ... still need to be more active during the day! Got a couple new Lego minifigs and accessories coming so maybe I'll try some pics. I need a #MondayMadeIt project!

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