Friday, June 12, 2015

Finally Friday June 12

Winner of the Gumdrop case has been contacted. Thanks for playing, everyone! :)


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I would say perhaps this should be a summer #mondaymadeit for next year's SW theme but then again it could confuse the kiddos.

I feel kind of cheated that I am so terrible at Minecraft. I got just as lost in the tutorial as I do ... anywhere, really. Was the headache related? Well. Since it won't work on the tech we have in the library then I guess the kids will have to stick to playing it at home. #ohwell

Or THIS for a #mondaymadeit? Something more book related, you think? :/ ;)

Did you see this pic on the front page of Yahoo? WOW.

I will not make these. I will not make these. I will not make these. How much running/reps with the weights would they be?

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