Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some Google Docs Add-Ons

So. Google Docs. You can do more even than I knew. There are much more extensive reviews out there. These are just what I happened to have added to my blog and school accounts.


Easy Accents because hello! Former Spanish teacher!
Install and start the add-on, choose your language, and look what appears to the right of your page?

Extensis Fonts because ... I like fonts. Blech on Comic Sans or Times New Roman. I mean, you do still need to keep things clean and uncluttered looking. And some "decorative" fonts take away from that. But there are a lot of cool ones out there! There are other ways to get new fonts in your G Drive but this is an easy one.

I haven't tried the Avery Label Merge yet but since I DESPISE the Word/Pages templates I will. Formatting is such a nightmare with those.

Open Clipart. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more options. Now you know this is one area I have a weakness for cutesy. But that's at home. At school? This is nice.

Tag Cloud Generator is one I wish I'd remembered a couple weeks ago when a teacher was in a panic because Wordle didn't work on the Chromebooks. I just looked up a website that worked. Anyway. I copied/pasted one of the paragraphs from the book blurb into a Google Doc and here's the cloud it made. You have to screen grab it to save it and even if you change the font in the text you can't change the font in the cloud. That said, it's nice and easy. And could also be used as a quick editing tool to see if writers used any particular words in excess. The more times a word shows up in the text the bigger it gets in the cloud.

Will have to try the barcodes one when I'm back at school because with our new network system our poor little barcode printer keeps getting kicked offline. And of course the tech eventually comes to fix it (because they've tied everything down so tightly I can't do a thing) but I can tell he's getting tired of fixing a label printer. A teacher librarian needs her barcodes, though. For books and students!

Mindmeister ... I don't quite get the point of. But then again I've never quite gotten the point of Inspiration or Popplet, either. So I offer different kinds of graphic organizers. But I figured I'd show you. Not sure why it skipped Padme. Basically anything that you bullet point in your document, highlight, and then choose the add-on? Turns it into this.

Translate is pretty self-explanatory. No, no machine translation is perfect but it's a place to start.

And the ProWriting and Templates we'll see when I get around to using them if they are worth it!


  1. Hello! Seriously, what is the deal with Avery/MS Word templates? Why do they always require so many adjustments to get the labels aligned? And then you try to print on a different printer, and have to repeat the process!!!
    Sorry for the outrage, but I so appreciate that someone out there feels my pain and has put it in writing! Great post, I <3 Google Docs!

    1. Label templates are EVIL. So ... I should try this add-on. Maybe it is evil, too. Was just excited about several of them so I didn't wait to test ALL of the first. Which perhaps I maybe should have. :/ So we'll see. Will have to check if I have any labels here at home or if they are locked up at school. Where I refuse to go for at least six weeks!

  2. THANK YOU! What a challenge for the digital age-keep abreast of the changes/features of technology!

  3. THANK YOU! What a challenge for the digital age-keep abreast of the changes/features of technology!