Thursday, June 4, 2015

TBT Wowbrary

I was looking for an interesting or fun post to TBT but didn't really find anything except for maybe one extolling the virtues of WOWBRARY. Does your public library offer it? It's a weekly email that tells patrons what the library has ordered that week. It includes Amazon summaries and links to put stuff on hold. If your system participates ... sign up! It used to be my favorite email of the week. I'd get it and go through and put this one on hold and that one on hold and that one on my TBR list and this one. It was awesome for #bookaday.

Wowbrary icon

My new system isn't nearly so big so they can't order as much. The difference is notable but at least I get first dibs on what they DID order.

I have five more days of work with grown ups. Then FREEDOM. Summer always comes just in time when things are feeling not as fun anymore. We all get time to recharge and hopefully love it again. The last two days were spent with easy coloring and augmented reality apps. The kids were actually quite impressed.

Tomorrow I'm on campus. I must update our Nexus tablets (insert shame face here for not having done it). Our district had the highest Overdrive circ in the nation! But it did not come from our Nexus tablets. Hopefully next year because we worked a lot on practicing with the iPads. And I need to try to finish cleaning. And not cry when my assistant leaves. Monday and Tuesday are devoted to SMART board stuff. Which I am not great at so maybe this will help. Then Wednesday and Thursday are tech camp. I teach during the first two sessions and then attend others. I'm really excited about the Minecraft in Ed. one.

I need to update my presentation for tech camp. Well and create the other. Though it will be posted on Free Tech 4 Teachers sometime this week. Unless he hated it? It was submitted. So maybe I'll just wing it off of that. The other presentation I have in a LibGuide but it should be updated. Only we're in the middle of moving from 1.0 to 2.0. So if I fix 1.0 (I know ... I should have gotten it done before it was backed up) I'll have to do all the updating over again when 2.0 goes live. No one can see 2.0 until long after our class. #decisions #smore? #ihatePrezi #emaze #haikudeck #googleslides #idunno

If you're already totally free ... enjoy! If you're still in school ... well, we were jealous when you were getting unexpected snow days. Fair's fair and all.

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