Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stamping a Pic using Skitch

Flipping is a big push in our district now. Annoyed with myself that I didn't do more of these before it became a "thing." I learn and try knew things for the kids, not because "someone" told me to!
I really did have the goal to make several this summer. Just ... never got around to them. Too busy enjoying #bookaday, I guess. ;) That and you never quite know what people will need ahead of time. Some things you can guess. But not all of it.

Do you know of an easier way? I think citing photos is still easier on a desktop. But the class had already started, it was the first day of bookfair and knew I wouldn't get to do much else for them, and Oh. My. Word. The tech stress this year? Because the district has also pretty much given up on fixing or updating student desktops. All money went to 3 iPads per classroom. 32 minutes from network login to opening a webpage on the computers in the lab. I kid you not. 32 minutes. Apparently a new lab is coming but we "need to be patient." Right. :P


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