Thursday, October 24, 2013

(almost) FInally Friday Oct. 25

Most awesome Harry Potter Pumpkin!

Because it's true.

I like this. A lot. Only that backdrop would work better in my new place if it were more grey and weathered.

Another comic. Isn't it fun?

Haven't tried this yet. But I might. Lunch is harder than it needs to be. Sandwiches are gross. Frozen dinners are gross. I'm not much of a cook. Any ideas?

Second time I'm early with a post this week ... but both rewind type posts. Nothing NEW to share. I might soon ... get a mini-grant from Kohl's so I'm going to get some of those LittleBits (oh and maybe some TPT task cards to go with them!) and see how they go. Rock on MakerSpaces! Still not feeling well which is just so ridiculous. And all the blog posts about "fitness" are driving me nuts. At some point I'll get back on the wagon. I will, I will, I will!
I will. Fell asleep last night at 8. We'll see how far I make it tonight.

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