Thursday, October 17, 2013

(Almost) Finally Friday Oct 18

The former Spanish teacher in me approves. Also the want-to-be cookie decorator. I pin decorated cookies. But then never try making them because I know mine wouldn't be as pretty and I would get frustrated. Kind of silly.

I pinned this video on Pinterest but I'll just embed it here. It's a five minute video about a man who, at 5 years old, fell asleep on a train in India. When he woke up he was thousands of miles away from his family. He was adopted by an Australian family. As he grew older he remembered bits and pieces of his childhood ... and used Google Earth to find his home and, after a visit, his birth family!

Google like a BOSS. Sounds like that should be on a t-shirt.

I know, I know. I worked with a trainer for longer than I ever expected to. It felt GREAT to be that in shape! Have that much energy and to be skinny and wear cute clothes. And then ... school got crazy. And the money on the trainer quit being a motivator. :/

I meant to post them to Google Docs but haven't gotten to it yet. Plus honestly it's interesting to actually see how many people downloaded (or didn't ... can't always guess what others will like). Anyway. Four little ghostie bookmarks. They're free if you have a TPT account.

At risk of jinxing it but almost feeling human again! Hooray! Now to convince the DR. to send me for allergy testing THIS year when I've already paid my deductible (courtesy of one silly inflamed appendix). Which reminds me. Our open enrollment is almost over and I need to pick a new plan. They're canceling the one I've used because it was no longer "fiscally responsible." Which means it actually covered things.

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