Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Check Out Another TL Blog While I Go Sneeze

So I don't have anything interesting today. Check out my friend's new blog while I go cough and sneeze. :P

And bang my head against the wall. Know what I realized today? That pretty Surface tablet they gave us at ISTE? Completely don't remember the password I set up. Like tried every incarnation I can think of and nothing works. Have an email in but bow howdy. Can you trust me if I can't keep track of a password? Was going to attempt a mobile sign-in station and catalog look-up. Since our new "thin client" computers are a big fat BUST in the usefulness department. Like anyone is going to take three minutes JUST TO LOG IN to look up a book. It used to take 8 clicks after the three minute login process to get to the catalog. It's down to three clicks after three minutes logging in but that's still a lot.

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  1. AHHH! What a bummer!! I have a secret spot within my email with a code name that has all of my passwords...hopefully no one will ever be able to hack into it, but there are so many different passwords...some with numbers, some with letters, some have to be changed frequently...one of the challenges of our technological world!!! By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog recently & posting a comment, I really do appreciate it!
    The Apple Basket Teacher