Friday, October 4, 2013

Finally Friday Oct. 4

Well. Home for the second day because of a dumb sore throat. Rotten timing. But anyway. Here are some of my favorite pins for the week. You'll have to click through if you are reading in Feedly or Bloglovin as they don't catch embedded stuff.

When I can get in to my new office I want to find a fun one. Ha ha. Fun. To describe a filing cabinet. But organization IS fun when it happens. :P

I just gained 10 pounds looking at this. I did SO WELL with fitness there for a couple years. Struggled the last two. :/

Random funny you may have already seen.

Love these colors!

This weekend is the General Conference of my church. Twice a year we get to hear from leaders ... the prophet and apostles (yes, just like in the Bible). Terrible to mention it's comfy to "attend church" in pajamas (it's broadcast via satellite on cable channels)? I'm hoping to hear some words of encouragement. Be reminded that when things get crazy ... that's when HE is closest. If you are on Pinterest or Twitter you will see lots of references to #ldsconf. I hope you have a great weekend as well!


  1. I hope you feel better! Thanks for sharing the pins. The teacher across the hall made over her filing cabinet and it looks great! She said it was easy. Enjoy the conference. You are right- when we get so busy, we need to step back and reconnect! I love Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It's a great little devotional. Have you heard of it? It seems like it is for me every day. :)
    Happy Weekend. Feel better!
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  2. Yay! Your new design is LIVE! I love everything about it! Your avatar is super cute!

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