Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scaredy Squirrel

So we've done a couple Scaredy Squirrel activities in first grade the last couple of weeks. Read Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping, some classes made a Scaredy Squirrel head, and some classes did some writing. Oddly we haven't gotten to the games yet. Kids would probably like them but I don't have any dice. #somethingsmakenosense

A lot of them weren't able to finish, so in the future I'll either plan ahead with the teachers for more time in the library or for the teachers to set aside time in the class. I'll also make some sort of word bank. We only had 35 minutes plus 10 for checkout. But how cute are these. Even with the truly terrible photos.

He is scared of aliens, ... and I don't know. I remember she told me as we were talking but I can't tell now.

At 9AM Scaredy gets stuff. At 10:30AM he gets a spaceship. At 12PM he will go ... and then he will relax.

(Love this.) "She might be a little bit afraid of sharks and cockroaches. But, if she has a plan, everything is A.O.K!"

(LATER EDIT ... Here's the file if you like the little booklets. Would love a comment telling me you're going to use it!)


  1. Would anyone want the booklet? Seriously made it up in less than 10 minutes cause a teacher's husband was having surgery and they needed help covering the class. Then started using it with other classes.

  2. I was just about to comment about your booklet! I looooove Scaredy Squirrel! And my kids loooove Scaredy Squirrel! So yes, we would - wait for it- looooooove the booklet!

    What I do actually love most about these books is all the different teaching points I can cover with them. I can cover a multitude of math objectives, language arts objective, authors as mentors, and even our all in important Being a Risk-taker curriculum. I am determined to get all of them in hardcover, as my paperbacks fall apart each and every year.

    The Meek Moose

    1. Right? Funny little guy is all sorts of useful. Time. Sequence of events. Non-fic text features (maps, labels, captions, etc). We use The Seven Habits and Scaredy is all sorts of prepared for his "first things" and proactive about dealing with his fears. Booklet is on my school computer. Will post within the next day or two.