Monday, May 13, 2013

M is for ...

Mo Willems, of course! He is my fave. Piggie and Elephant. They ROCK. Blast from the past ... remember when I did this? Stop motion = crazy.

James Marshall. (Do you like how I mix my first and last names?)
Shall I post the super cute LA kinders retelling of Miss Nelson again? I think I will. I promise, it is WELL worth the 13 and a half minutes. Well worth it.

Brandon Mull.
I'm so behind. Haven't read Beyonders yet but Fablehaven and Candy Shop Wars were fun. I heard him speak at the BYU Young Reader's Symposium a couple years ago.

Mess. Sigh. I WILL get everything cleaned up and orderly. I WILL. The kids deserve as non-chaotic a place as I can make it.



  1. Hi there. Interesting post. I'm just curious if there is a reason you went with M for the letter today? I did an A to Z challenge last month with a letter theme each day--just wondered if it was a similar thing...
    Kids Math Teacher

    1. Started over after getting about halfway through a series of alphabet posts last year. 19 of them are under the "alphabet" label. Will have to check yours out!

      It's a great way to think up blog posts when ... you have no blog post ideas. Egads. End of year is always crazy. Never remember to take pics, lots of different "things" take over the library (which is my classroom). I could turn into a TOTAL whiner but that is no fun. So filler alphabet posts for a bit unless better inspiration comes along!