Thursday, May 30, 2013

LibGuides and Summer Reading

So remember that Symbaloo I made a week or two ago?

It has a new home.

Check out my Summer Reading LibGuide (LibGuides are new to our district and me ... this is my sort of playing around learning it project). Feel free to use or copy. Not sure how the embed code will work with copying but be my guest and try. Do YOU have a LibGuide? Can I look at it? Leave a link in the comments or send me an email!

And hopefully later I won't feel awkward that I told you all how I really wanted to try a new space and get a different job and now you know where I currently and still work (I always meant there were good kids and staff there ... just a hugely distracting space and soon to be rotten commute). Did you already know that? Oh well. This was the traffic at what will be an intersection and road I have to continue on through to get home as soon as I move. Now I get off and turn just in time. Anyway. This was at 8:10 on a Wednesday night and the only safe place to get a pic.


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