Thursday, May 16, 2013

5th Grade Summer Reading Book Trailers & Can I Still Be Cool

if I completely spaced on Children's Book Week? But have these?

Please ignore the trash can and mess as we are had the volunteer luncheon in the library today AND we are preparing to clear out everything for new carpet. Yay for new carpet. Yay for volunteers (the entire school's volunteers, not just the library of course). Not yay for loads of people eating in the library and spilling things or leaving crumbs behind. Not yay for clearing out everything. Anyway. Completely non-styled photo here.

And ... anything I should have added? By the time you see this it will already be a finished activity. But comment with any additions and I'll add them!
Also ... how do I fix this embed code? Too big to fit properly. I tried changing the pixels but I couldn't make it work and still show the entire symbaloo. It would just show a corner.



  1. Or maybe semi cool?
    No. Not with the Symbaloo hanging over the border like that. Networked Blog widget covering up a couple of the tiles.

    Well. I attempted at least. ;)

  2. It sounds like you have done the only thing I would know to do ie change the pixels in the embed code. Your main column "looks" (forgive my less-than-scientific measuring!) about 565px wide, like mine. Is your Symbaloo width more than that?

  3. Who plans these things for the week AFTER all the library books are due? I had to give it a miss. What could I do? Say "Happy Book Week! Turn in all your books?" Oh, well!

  4. May I share this post at my district's LMS in-service in 2 weeks? I'm our system's district librarian so of course I'm writing the in-service.

    1. Of course! As long as it's not to say "look at the clueless person who forgot Children's Book Week" ... :/ ;)

      PS You can click through and see the Symbaloo properly. I'm making a 4th grade one as we speak. Should be done ... Wednesday?