Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anchor Charts with No Walls

Just saw this on Pinterest and wanted to share.

Doing this on my phone so apologies for the weird layout.

But ... if anyone can think of a way to better share info like this in the library classroom I would LOVE it.

1) We have no walls to hang charts on (and any easel to even WRITE them on has to be wrestled out of a closet and placed in the middle of the room then put away cause its so in the way of foot traffic).

2) I model correct behavior as much as possible but hanging things from the ceiling? Yeah, kids are constantly slapping at it. Drives me BATTY the way they jump up and grab at the US flag. A lot of teachers dont even see them do it cause they are walking in line. It's right in my line of sight if I'm at the circ desk. But I digress.

3) Sort of related ... hard to project an electronic version. Has to be pre-prepared which loses the kid's ownership of it. The "wireless" part of the Smartboard doesn't work so well and the actual computer that projects? 15 feet behind the kids. Lose a lot of 'em that way.

Debated like table binders with mini-displays. But that's one more thing that I'd have to get out and take down every day (plus, again, pre-prepared). Because of the open concept and after school care in the space nothing can be left out.

Or maybe I will just not worry about it until August. We're still in school for eight more days but some of that we have to spend packing up the library for new carpet. Which will hopefully not kick up so much dust? At least for a couple years? Anyway. No more note taking lessons. Summer reading book talks, mostly. And packing.

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  1. I'm in the same boat. I have very little wall space. Most of my walls are covered with book shelves. I always keep trying new things, but it never works. I'm always looking for new ideas.