Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finally Friday Pins May 24 and Piggie & Elephant Dance Party Part 2

Well. It's a three day weekend! And kids are still amazing and awesome. Even when their end of year behavior is so ... not so much.

So ... I didn't get a job change I wanted pretty badly. Would have been WAAAAY closer to my new house plus ... it had walls and not 750 people walking through all day more than a couple times a day. And a library office. AND a library workroom. And a library storage room. No morning announcements (if anyone actually watched them I wouldn't dislike them so much ... but we can hear the hallways ... no one's watching). Would have hurt to leave my current kiddos but they would have been fine. And there would have been fun kids at the new school. And I wouldn't have been spending 10 hours a week commuting. But I didn't get it. Sort of a bit of a joke how many times I've interviewed to try somewhere new. :(
So I am remembering these things. I'm not terrible at what I do. Not perfect but not terrible, either. It's not all me. It's some them. One functional catalog/research computer in the library is not the end of the world (an expected delivery of 12 has been postponed with NO new date). And ...

Does anyone know the original source for this pic? I so want a print. Or a square gallery canvas print, actually. He's so happy.

Do I dare take the UGLY school one home and try this? Would base paint it a "bright navy" blue (is there such a thing?) and then sort of modpodge collage some book pages onto it? What book/s?

KidLit Cares for OK! Kate Messner is setting this up. She does some awesome things. And how rude am I to be so ... ridiculous. When there are people with real reasons to be disappointed this week.

Hooray for Batgirl and Tom Angleberger.

And ... didn't do anything different from last year. But cute pic ahead.


  1. Thanks so much for this blog post, Ms. O!

    You are transparent and down to earth - I wish you were around the corner from me! There is so much I can glean from you. Have a wonderful, restful, inspiring summer break!

    Can't wait to see a picture of your "upgraded" filing cabinet!

    Mrs. Crook

    1. That is the nicest thing for you to say. Thank you!

    2. Oh ... and same to you. ;)