Monday, May 27, 2013

Pinners to Follow Part 2

Happy Memorial Day! I would share a video my brother made and posted on his FB but I'm not sure (security settings) how many of you would see anything, anyway. Just know he did an awesome job. ;)

Well. Never knew the day I posted the first version of this little list would eclipse everything else I've ever written by the thousands. Literally. But HERE are some more people that help me find great ideas. Some I use! Some I hoard. All make me spend more time on the computer. ;)

(Original CorkBoard photo from Flickr user net-efekt)

And still wish Pinterest would give me a way to really tell whose pins I repin the most. Cause I'm sure to miss someone awesome in trying to update. AND I only linked up the pinner's main page ... not specific boards. In some cases, just to keep the info stream manageable, you can't follow every single board.  :/

Original post pinners are listed first. New ones are listed after the one line break. Got anyone you would add? Are YOU not here? Leave a comment. Dear Pinterest and Blogger, please make cross finding your virtual friends easier.

(And are you here but would rather not be? Cause I didn't contact any of you first and maybe that's not cool ...)

Library (Books & Tech)
ATBOT/The Book Bug/Sharing the Shelves
Random House Kids
Harper Children
Reading Rockets
Amy Bansak
Laurie Leavitt
Linda's Links
Valerie Fort
Ashley Kurth
Kirsten Murphy
Max Macias
Regina Hartley: Hey Twitter friend!
Kelly Butcher: Another Twitter friend!
Sara Romine: I know her in real life. So many great ideas and energy she shares!
Sherry Phillipus: An awesome TL friend!
Cari Young: Centered School Library blogger. Know her, too!

Lynn Morris
Wendy Howk: Hey, my friend!
Sara Ducharme
Brynda Taylor-Flynn
Belinda Self
Brittney Tubb
Sandy Geach
Jolee Owens
Kala Butler
Jamie Lightfoot
Jenn Granger
Jessica Young
Krystal Gutierrez
Leah Sanders Fawcett
Kim Moss
Flannel Friday: I love the idea. And have even made a couple sets. Just never gotten into a groove of USING flannel/magnet board stories.
Mary Ann Scheuer
Penguin Classroom
Angie Moore

Matt Gomez: I heard him present at a recent iPad mini-conference. He's a kindergarten teacher doing AMAZING things. Check out his Pinterest boards AND his website and Twitter feeds.
Jessica Jackson Meacham
Lisa Johnson : of the TechChef4U app and AppyHour podcast. At least I think that's the name of it?
Donna BaumbachL for lots of reasons but especially cool info graphics.
Jennifer Jones: Also follow her blog Hello Literacy.
Elizabeth Eastman: another one to follow for lots of reasons but especially cool infographics.
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Erin Klein

Richard Byrne (FreeTech4Teachers)
Laura Moore
Janet Corder
Tony Vincent
Liz Ragland Sherman

General Random Geeky Coolness that Is Difficult to Categorize ;)
Winston Breen
Michael Scott

Book Patrol

Classroom Teachers (I think!?!) Sharing Easily Adaptable Ideas
Rachel Owens
The Science Penguin
Belinda Kinney
Julie Perez
Alyson Beecher
Pam L: my friend! Also great decorating, cooking, and fitness.
Katie: another friend and great teacher. And fashionista so follow that board, too.
Kathryn H: friend and fellow teacher
Shannon Clark: Twitter and blog friend! Also I am working on converting her to the ways of clip art fanaticism.
Susan Dee
Laura Castro

And If You Like DIY, Organizing, Fitness (:P), Photography or Design ...
Pick Your Plum
MyGrafico Digitals
PopSugar Fitness
Digital Photography School



  1. Man. Pinterest. Riffle. Instagram. what do they have in common? They are all things that are not going to happen in my world. Can you use your powers to promote the MotherReader 48 Hour book challenge? 'Cause I'll never get it done on Pinterest!

    1. I have had an Instagram account forever but have never used it. Hardly ever remember to take pics. And I know I signed up for Riffle but for the life of me cannot remember why.
      But Pinterest ... is that why I don't get so much reading done? Cause I mess around on it too much? Ouch. That just hit too close to home ...

  2. Gotta say, I was surprised to see my name since I am Facebook-less but totally in love with Pinterest. Love this will keep me busy for awhile! Thx!

  3. Hey, Mrs. O!

    Though not nearly as Pinterestly amazing as thee, you can still find me bumbling about at Happy end of the school year!

    - Matthew

  4. Can't wait to go through this list - where is part one?

    I have a few boards related to teacher librarians - hope you can find something you can use -

  5. I've been a teacher and a librarian--now I make book/literacy-themed jewelry you guys might be interested in: