Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tech Goal #3: SMART Notebook

So I have had a SMART board for ... two years now? And an Airliner slate for a couple of years before that. But never really become proficient. I need to remedy that! Being in such a public place (a library classroom with no walls and in the middle of everything) I should be more of an example.

And the thing is a SMART board should not just be bells and whistles. So you really have to think through and structure the lesson so that the ability to manipulate items up on the board becomes part of the learning and higher level thinking ... maybe grouping objects or using the reveal to check thinking. Which are all things we do anyway but creating a Notebook lesson takes a little more preplanning. Sometimes it makes my head spin. Just a little. ;]

And just an FYI ... since all of them are pretty big? Just three tech goals for the year. Hopefully you'll hear success stories. Cause if you DO that means I'll have resources to share. ;]


Goal #1: Evernote. I've started poking around a little. I used Skitch to take some screen shots of some quotes I liked from some electronic ARCs I was reading (they are protected so you can't highlight and such like in regular electronic books). Trying to take my time reading instead of racing through. It can do MUCH more than that but it's a start.

Goal #2: iPad. First order of business (because of course I procrastinated and now the summer is almost over) is to start the task cards for the apps I talked about. I've been a little nervous ... since my background is in secondary ed (although why that makes me nervous I don't know because I've already worked in elementary 6 years longer than I ever did in the HS Spanish classroom) I don't always "get" the language the classroom teachers use. The "I Can" or "I Will" or Debbie Diller's work or some of the other things I see out in blogland. I don't know what those really are. Gotten some from context and reading but don't feel super comfortable with them. Eventually I'll get over myself and just do the best I can. Even if the terminology is different I do know what the kids need to know how to do! :]

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