Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Melonheadz Superhero Bookmarks

Haven't done any of these for a while ... thought I'd try it again. Most of the "quotes" had to come from the movies since, truthfully, I haven't read many of the comic books. Still can't figure out how to properly link a photo. So click HERE if you'd like to download. I got the clip art from the fabulous Melonheadz. You should totally go check out her work and then buy some. It is SUPER cute.

If you like this bookmarks and maybe would also enjoy some others (as well as some printable mini-posters for display) check out my brand new TPT shop here. I jumped on the bandwagon if only to support my afore-mentioned purchasing habit. It's pretty small right now ... a freebie how-to on book trailers and then the two bookmark and sign options. I hope it will grow!

Only TODAY and TOMORROW left in summer vacation. #bittersweet


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