Friday, August 17, 2012

Apps & Clip Art

OK. I wasn't going to do a post today because I just started back to work yesterday and I am a big wimp who is tired. I even posted two of these on the FB page (sorry for the doubling up, FB peeps!) but then I decided a quick one.

If you are interested ...

Silent Film Director is free until ... Sunday, I think?

I made this little clip of my niece dancing like two weeks ago (before it was free, of course!). Thought this year I might try a book trailer or two. Maybe a curriculum related clip ... funny weather or social studies or something?

and Shake a Phrase is free TODAY (8/17).

This one's new to me but it looks fun.

Then Melonheadz just joined Teacher's Notebook and is holding a sale. Her Etsy store is having a sale, too. Check out her blog for info. I got the colored cat and superhero ones and may, by the end of the weekend, break down and get a couple more. We've already discussed my clip art problem. ;]

Also look at this cute Scrappin Doodle's collection. The line art (b&w version) will come with it for free (if you buy the color) before the end of the month. Sign up for her Friday Newsletter and get a monthly discount code for purchases as well as a weekly freebie.

Debating on pictures of our library. Interesting or no? Very fine balance, I think. Commiserate with me on the stupid lack of walls. But FUN blue wall. And some shelf top displays. I don't put out a lot in the way of decor because of being so open. Things walk away. (I don't mean to make it sound like I'm surrounded by kleptos cause I'm not. It's just the nature of working in a hallway. :/)

Tomorrow will be a Lunch Lady post. Nothing super involved ... just like a line or two about each. Finally read them all! Then I'll be back for What Are You Reading Monday? Just picked up my last Babymouse from the library so that will also be coming next week. Naptime. Or clean up mess time? Or laundry time? Or exercise time? #decisions

PS I owe two people emails! Will get those files out to you tomorrow!

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