Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preparing for an Author Visit

So I've been working on a ... what do they call it in blogland? A craftivity?
Maybe let the kiddos choose their colors ... adapt it a bit. Then write their own story of THEIR "Sea Monster's First Day at __________________." Could be soccer practice or ballet class or who knows. Would that work for the K and first? Theirs would be bigger.

Then Over and Under the Snow. Now that one's a little harder. We live in South Texas. Some of the kids have never even SEEN snow. Could they do an over and under desert version? Too bad habitats aren't in the scope and sequence until later in the year.

Already convinced three third grade teachers to read Marty McGuire. If I was a COOL librarian we'd have a worm farm or a frog in a little terrarium in the library. I've been thinking about it for a while but ... I just don't think I can do it. UGH. Creepy slimy squirmy.

Fourth grade Capture the Flag. The author has a Pinterest board for the book.

They are proving a little harder nut to crack. Well. Them and fifth grade.

And fifth grade Eye of the Storm? Here's that Pinterest board.
Oh. I forgot to get a pic of that banner.

Want to know why? Strange coincidence or something unpleasant? Sisters Grimm and The Homework Machine. Two different areas of the library. Both had multiple small bugs in them today. You know what I will be doing the rest of the week? Checking books. Do we have a problem, Houston? #imgrossedout  #buthopefullyitsnothing I found the first one. Didn't tell anyone. A teacher found the second. If I hadn't been so mortified the look on her face would have been PRICELESS.


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  1. What did the bugs look like? They may have been book lice, which you will never get rid of unless you can change the temperature and humidity of the library, but they are relatively harmless to the books. They feed on the microscopic mold that grows in book spines. They are really tiny, usually seen a few at a time, and slightly translucent. (Tim, not Amy)