Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Pins

I'm procrastinating other things. Can you tell? It is Sunday, though. The day of rest.

Just saw this and love the idea. I must check on this book ... I can't remember if I have it or if it's in the collection. First of all I LOVE the idea of a book club party for little people. And I like the shark. I wouldn't expect kinders to learn their phone number in the library (or even at school, really ... privacy?) but maybe their student ID. Or just as I said that ... that would breach privacy too, wouldn't it. Well. Just the shark, then.

This actual image is too small to enlarge and print but I like the idea of ABC app icons for a word wall in the library or computer lab.


Do you understand how badly I want one of these? I even saw a pic in one of the more recent Nat Geos with a whole bunch of these phone booths. They were talking about how Britain is revamping them for other uses. I think they even talked about mini-libraries. They said they were being sold for super cheap ... like a pound or two. Shipping would be the killer, though, wouldn't it. #sigh

Another sigh. Don't these look HEAVENLY? I want some right now. Never mind the dumb 90 Day Challenge from the gym. I'm trying to be good. I am!

Source: via Angie on Pinterest

How fun and silly is this? Will definitely be using up 60 seconds after reading How to Teach a Slug to Read just dancing. Because it makes me laugh and if the librarian is happy the children are happy and are learning more. ;]


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