Thursday, August 9, 2012

Powtoon Book Trailer

So I've been playing around with a new tool I heard about ... hmmm. I already can't even remember where.


Here is the book trailer.

What do you think?
Now, it is still in beta so there were a couple of bugs. I can't say the interface was TOTALLY intuitive. But it didn't take long to figure out. I'm excited to play around some more.
They say they have an educator account which would facilitate downloading of videos. I sent in my info so we'll see what they say. The hard part is always "student accounts" if the kiddos are under 13. Now, I wouldn't suggest this for younger than 4th or 5th either way (see "not entirely intuitive interface") but once I get it down totally I think I could help them along. We'll see. I'm hoping yes because I really want to try using this more.
Or, even if the kids aren't doing it themselves, it certainly makes for more interesting presentations I could show them (on whatever topic). Or for professional development.
I like it. I think you'll be seeing it again. Keep it up, Powtoon! You've got the start of a good thing.


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