Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Is Why You NEVER Go in to School in the Summer

So this was actually about ... a week ago? Or no, maybe two now. Wow. But summer, all the same. I needed to get to the circ desk. This was what was in front of it. You can't really tell ... there are about four tables and five or six bookshelves in front of it. The entrance, anyway. More bookshelves all along the side. PLEASE let the numbers I taped to the top of the shelves stay put! #causethatisapuzzle #andthesearetheprettyshelvestheotherhalfis70swhitewash

Plus the AC was already turned WAY down. Meaning it was hot.

Oh. And just for the record this is me standing in front of the front office door. Yes, that's right my friends I'll bring it up again ... no walls. Our library is a hallway.


And just so there is something semi-useful about this post ...
Do any of you sew? I do not. But I LOVE these Once Upon a Thread posts from No Big Dill. Do you have a favorite? Of course mine is the one that first led me there

... I Am Momma's Scaredy Squirrel bag. I have ordered one from my Momma. :] But hello. The outfits inspired by Oliver Jeffers and David Shannon? SO cute. Clinton and Stacy be ... fuddled.


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