Wednesday, June 20, 2012

iPadpalooza Recap Part 2

Sometimes I forget other people can see this ... did you see that Tony Vincent commented yesterday? I totally want to go to next year's Mobile conference. One of our district tech specialists came back from it this year all like "You totally have to figure out some way to go!"

Yep. I do.

OK. iPadpalooza.

Then I went to a presentation by a third grade teacher who had 1:1 devices. A little bit JEALOUS. HOW COOL. She used Nearpod. I'd heard about it somewhere but never used it. Will have to, if our iTouches can deal with it. If you are going to use any sort of slideshow or poll consider it ... sort of lets you take control of the kiddos' devices. Sort of. Still have to experiment with exactly what the teacher end can see. We saw the student end. Loved the polling and the ability for students to see on their own devices what you are showing. I tweeted about it and they answered me ... so that's cool. If I have a question I know where I can go to get an answer. Then she suggested some management tips like textbook holders to keep the iPads at a tilted level so that students could see the screen at almost the same time as the teacher. That angle also reduces glare. Then ... oh, Glow Draw. She uses it for math. Will have to tell teachers, see if it works on iTouches, and figure out a library use. Cause it's free and it's a cool tool. She also mentioned that her kids enjoyed A Fact Every Day. It looks fun ... sort of like NG's Weird but True. Why do neither of them cite any sort of source for their facts?

The last session I went to was a little ... cobbled together last minute. That said I still enjoyed it--so I wonder what could have been if they'd had more time to prepare? Learned about some new apps like DoInk (Want to try! Interesting ... sort of like Animation-ish. Who says they will have an app sometime this summer but no actual date has been announced for the app or the 2.0 version), LittleBirdTales, and StoryBuddy2. Will pay more attention to #kinderchat from here on out!

Also finally signed up for Snapguide. Heard about it several times ... saw one student created example and thought it might have merit. Have seen some useful adult created ones in the past ... now need to track them down again.

photo credit: Sigalakos via photo pin cc

Sessions I did NOT get to attend but might have liked the content ...

iPad ArmyKnife
iPrep4Kinder ... they work in my district so maybe I'll get another change?
Skitch and Evernote
Live from iPadpalooza, it's SML! (OH! I should go check if they have the apps listed on their wiki ... YES! They do.)
SMART Notebook for the iPad
Productivity Tools for Teachers on the Go
Brain Based Learning on the iPad
Apps and More, K-2
Brain Pop
Personal Learning Networks on the iPad

Then maybe some time in the Expert's Lounge. And being more social with other attendees. A nice librarian from a high school in College Station sat down next to me and we had a nice chat but it was so hot and bright outside it was hard. :/ Also Note to Self: TALK TO PEOPLE!



  1. Thanks for the great recaps! Is it ok if I cross-post or link to the iPadpalooza site? I'm really trying to gather both presenter materials and attendee posts to see both sides of the day. Thank you for taking the time to write about your day!

    - Carl

    1. Totally. Loved it and will do my best to get more people from my district there next year. My goal is to learn/use it enough to have something interesting to share. Only got mine ... what, the second to last week of school?