Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Literary Quote for a Day Spent at Jury Selection

I did not bring enough books ... I brought two that I'd already started and finished both before 11. So then I downloaded a short story and a middle grade book from the iBookstore ... and my phone ran out of juice. Why did I not bring my Nook or the school iPad? Or more books?

There ALL DAY. Don't have to go back but seriously ... 9+ hours I'm not getting back. #civicdutyandallthat

I spilled a soda all over myself at lunch. And there were no good looking lawyers.
In my defense, the lids from the courthouse cafeteria soda fountain really did not fit well.


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  1. Don't you HATE it when you can't read and have NOTHING else to do?? I feel your pain! :)

    I've never done anything with a jury-sounds so very boring. :)