Thursday, June 7, 2012

Make a Book Image Collage in PicMonkey

Or a shape collage. Or a landforms collage. Or a seasons collage. Or a animal groups collage. Or a habitat collage. Or any other classroom (or personal) reason you can think of. :]

First of all you need some pictures. If you are taking the pictures yourself ... great! Just follow your district guidelines in terms of student privacy. If you are using Creative Commons licensed photos (see the top part of this page for some ideas on where to find those) just open up a word doc to copy and paste the URLs for now. Depending on how you are going to use the photos you could either list the credits below the online collage, or maybe have them printed next to the poster of the collage you hang in the library window, or you could actually digitally stamp (is that another post? One note ... when you save pics? Click through and get the biggest version of it that you can. Don't right click and save on the thumbnail. Then you may end up with blurry collages.

So you have your pictures. In a perfect world they are all nicely saved together ... maybe in a folder called "Title of Book Collage" on your desktop. The number of pics? Totally depends on your layout and your purpose. If this a student project some sort of rubric reminding them to cite sources and demonstrate their understanding of the topic through images would be important. Don't just say "go make a collage" if it's kids doing it. If you are? You know what your purpose is. ;]

Go to PicMonkey.

Choose the collage version that you want. 

Upload your pictures from wherever you saved them. You can upload several pictures at once.

You will see them here.

Drag the pics over into the collage (one at a time) and arrange however and wherever you think they look best.

Ready to save?

You will hit save twice. The three options are just for file size and resolution. If you were going to print your collage really big you might want the larger file size (ie the one to the far right) but for normal printing and webpages the middle one has worked well for me.

Remember ... you click save twice! Make sure you remember where you save it!

The one pic on the left is a little blurry but it started out that way. These are just family pics so I don't have to cite anything. :]

Here's the one I made for The One and Only Ivan (Katherine Applegate ... and a GREAT GREAT GREAT BOOK). I hope to make some more this summer. This is easiest way I've seen for making photo collages (Big Huge Labs could do mosaics but they were not as easy ... they have lots of cool easy projects but the mosaic one was more complicated!) so I'm excited. YAY PicMonkey for releasing collage last week!

Just had a thought. Go back and add a nice frame to it. If you so desire. Save the collage as one image and then reupload to the basic part of PicMonkey. Oh, goodness. Did I just add another possible post idea?

And here are the credits for the Ivan collage. Again ... online you could just list them. Or print and put on the back of any hard copies you might use.!/items/flickr-2289122022!/items/flickr-3060565651!/items/flickr-6045297846!/items/flickr-3614722178!/items/flickr-6128232102 (circus image) (crayon) (dog) (mop) (mall) (girl drawing)

If you decide to try it I would LOVE to see the links in comments!


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  1. Wow... High quality and easy to make! I hadn't heard of pic monkey before you mentioned it on my blog. Thank you so much for sharing!