Monday, June 25, 2012 ... Summer Time

OK. Now I am on a role. Thanks a lot, Centered School Library! (OH! I go to get the link and there is a shout out for show and tell on S'more Tech Camp. THANKS!)

Like so many tools you know how you hear about them and think, cool? But then don't ever actually use them?

Today I finally tried Still pretty easy to use even though it's in beta. Different themes available than Piktochart (and it's FREE!) so ... now which one to eventually pick? I already have the educator invoice from Pikto. Haven't paid it yet. Choices are nice. Both free would be even better but hmmm. The question is just coming up with all of the right data sets. That takes the time ... not the creation, so much. But it should take the time because that is the value added piece, not the "ooh, let's make it pretty because infographics are the thing." So ... practice. Maybe I shall go back and look at the super interesting end of year report I had to turn in? See if I can snazz that up a little bit? Or start looking at more curriculum related ones? I'd say I'd just Google cause the ones done by professionals would be better ... but they wouldn't be focused on the ... what. Third to fifth grade crowd?

Or maybe my time would be better spent this summer making some screen casts of things like library catalog orientations, or genre booktalks. Would that make ours a "flipped" library?

Or just read. Or make something that is NOT COOKIES. I actually have a little comic book related project that is drying. If they are suitable for public consumption I shall post them later. ;]


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  1. Hey! I can't help giving you shout-outs when you keep doing awesome tech-y stuff!